Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How long does your gin lab session last?
A: The gin-making session lasts approximately between 2.5 to 3 hours, depending on numbers.

Q: What size is the bottle of gin we take home with us?
A: Each student will be able to take a 700ml bottle of gin home with them as part of our gin-lab sessions.

Q: What is included in the cost of a gin lab ticket?
A: The session comprises of a welcome G&T followed by gin masterclass tasting five samples from our gin catalogue. You'll then be able to blend your own recipe from our extensive library of botanicals to be mixed in a cocktail at the bar, and be bottled and labelled to take home.

Q: Are gift vouchers available for purchase?
A: Yes, we have a limited number of Golden Tickets available for purchase as gifts which include an introductory saving of 25% off the full price. Full price gift vouchers will be available once these have sold out.

Q: If I buy a ticket for the gin lab can we blend as a couple?
A: Unfortunately not at this time - one ticket is for one student only.

Q: I am the designated driver or unable to drink alcohol on the day but would still like to attend. Is there a discounted ticket for non-drinkers?
A: For non-drinkers we will substitute alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic mock-tails, and you will still be able to appreciate the main qualities of each sample by smell only. However we do not currently offer discounts for non-drinkers.

Q: Can I come to a gin-making session to accompany my partner but as a non-participating guest?
A: Sadly not. We have limited space for each session and only ticket-holders will be allowed admission to our courses.

Q: Is the Blend Academy a limited time popup or a permanent fixture in Winchester?
A: We have a three-year lease on the building lasting until the end of December 2021. Tickets and gift vouchers will need to be redeemed before this future date.


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